It's liberating: Bejoy Nambiar on his digital debut

cinema | Written by : IANS | Updated: Mon, Mar 11, 2019, 05:28 PM


New Delhi, March 11 (IANS) Filmmaker-writer Bejoy Nambiar says he is excited to make his debut in the web space as it gives filmmakers an avenue for telling different narratives. He finds that very liberating.

"I am extremely excited about this space and like most filmmakers, we are all trying to venture into this space because this platform gives us an avenue for all kinds of narratives to be told which is not really possible sometimes in a feature film format. As a filmmaker to explore that, it's very liberating," Nambiar told IANS.

" try and tell stories and to try engage with viewers in a different way which we wouldn't be able to in a feature film format," he added.

The "Solo" director's first digital project -- "Flip" -- will soon premiere on Eros Now. 

"I approached it ('Flip') like a feature film only. I didn't think of it like 'I am doing a digital project so, I should apply a different kind of a sensibility to it," he said.

"I was approaching each story like I was making a short feature film. I think that really helped me shape the story also.... It's not a long format show. Every episode is a new story," he added.

It is a series of four short stories, each telling the tale of many occurrences that cause a complete 180 degree turn around in the people, situation or perspectives inhabiting that tale.

The anthology has four stories - Bully, Happy Birthday, Massage and The Hunt. While shooting for Bully, actor Ranvir Shorey almost met with an accident.

Talking about the incident, Nambiar shared: "He (Ranvir) had to ride a bike wearing the costume and the costume did not have a clear see-through...the mask portion because of which he could not ride the bike properly.

"He was riding it really slowly which was not looking great in the shot. We tried it couple of times but finally decided against it. It was a bit dangerous as we were shooting on a real road with proper traffic."

Ultimately, a line producer took up the role of a stunt double for it.