Bunny Vasu Comments on ROBO 2.0

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Recently, Bunny Vasu, the latest critic of the Nandhi Awards announced by the Andhra Pradesh government, has brought another controversy." Rajinikanth's film '2.0' was supposed to be released on April 27 for the Leica Productions statement.even i have respect on  Rajini's film, but  repeatedly changes the film date may effect the small budget movie" he said

While Bunny Vasu is producing 'My Name Suriya' on April 27th, the same day, 'Bharat' is being prepared for the release by Dhanayya banner.actually there is discurssion running out between to to change release date even one, one their films  so Bunny was angry with the latest Leica Productions.

He said that the Producers Council, AP, Telangana Exhibitors Association will take the matter to the Release Date and do not change date of the Leica Productions.