Power star Pawan kalyan calls For ' Chalore chalore chal'

cinema | Written by : IANS | Updated: Wed, Dec 06, 2017, 11:57 AM


power star Pawan Kalyan has decided to embark on his political journey from tomorrow as he completed his present movie, Agnyathavasi's shoot. The actor said that the youth is in complete disarray and Governments should give them hope. He said it his moral responsibility to  meet Murali and Venkatesh who committed suicide in Osmania University and also to meet the families of the people who died in boat accident  on Krishna river. 

He made it evident that Jana Sena is with people and will fight for people's problems without fail. He then said he holds TDP government as accountable for all the atrocities and he will blame himself as a citizen with moral responsibility but he should not be made accountable for a Government's mistake. 

He also assured that he will not leave alone any corrupt minister or candidate or officer from both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. He divided his tour around the two states into three stages. First stage he will start from tomorrow to discuss and understand the local issues and problems. In the second stage, he will ask the Governments to show Political Responsibility and solve the problems. If they fail, then the third stage will be to agitate and fight for the solutions of the problems. 

Pawan Kalyan also released a campaign song, Chalo re Chalo re Chal, remixing his popular song by same name from Jalsa movie. In the song, he added his speeches and also, Trivikram's words from other events supporting hispoLyical stance. The fans and general public are happy that he decided to act on all his promises and he even declared that he will try to win the battle for the people and even if he loses in elections he will never stop his fight.